Sasha Dylan Bell


IATSE Local 600 eligible
Los Angeles, CA
+1 323-540-7350
[email protected]

Hi, I’m Sasha, or “Oklahoma”, as I’m known on hiking trails around the world. I am a unit stills photographer based in Los Angeles.

With almost  two decades experience in the film industry as an editor, I mastered the art of seeing through the chaos to find the crucial, sometimes subtle key story moments for hundreds (yes, hundreds) of projects. This nose for storytelling earned me an Emmy nomination and a pat on the back from my wife on most birthdays. These days I use those very storytelling skills as a film set unit stills photographer.

In addition to shooting for films, I also love capturing people in portraits and am co-creator of the personal fine art series Fear Of Dreaming, along with collaborator Sarah Marie Rooney.

A native Australian, I spend my time bouncing between my home in LA and any country I find myself adventuring in. An avid hiker, I’ve solo thru-hiked the John Muir Trail – 234 miles through the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges of California – and swam with sharks to address my fear of the ocean (it didn’t work). I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good plane, walked on fire (3 times), have mad skills on Assassin’s Creed and love just anything that has the words “Indiana Jones” in it.

I’m grateful to have spent a lifetime being creative and adventuring. Let’s do a little of both together! Reach out and say hello!


Emmy Awards 2015 nomination

Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy London 2017 Shortlisted

Coyote Telescope Photography Contest, 2015 Grand Prize


Open Show Pasadena/East LA, Pasadena, 2019

Adobe Creative Cloud Launch, Sydney, 2012

St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne, 2012

Filmmaking Panel Docklands Studios, Melbourne, 2012

Film & TV Editing – Tactic, Technique, Trials and Triumphs, Melbourne, 2012

Australian Screen Editors Q&A for Face To Face, Melbourne, 2011